Bot Detection

All Internet traffic today comprises bots. While there are many good bots that carry out essential functions — indexing web pages, aggregating content, checking on a website’s status, and more — the ever-growing number of malicious bots are increasingly a cause for concern due to the business threats they pose to virtually every online industry.

Competitors and criminals deploy bots to perform a range of nefarious activities. Among the most common is the scraping of content such as news and research articles, product reviews, prices, and personal data. While some fraudsters carry out carding attacks and account takeovers, others engage in ad fraud, API abuse and application denial of service (often to gather business intelligence). Apart from the problems they directly cause, bad bots also create problems with their unchecked traffic, such as application slowdowns and outages, poor user experience, skewed analytics, and increased infrastructure and bandwidth expenditure.

zcube takes care of all unwanted traffic so that your IT teams don’t have to. No more on-call incidents due to bot attacks!

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