Interactive Website

What is Interactive Web Design?

An interactive web design is a design for websites which uses other inbuilt software, modules or features aimed at creating an environment for a website or web application user to be actively engaged during visit or use as the case may be, thereby improving his or her user experience (UX).

The website does this by asking individuals to take trivial or more complex actions to continue experiencing the website. These actions may be Pressing play, Skipping an ad, Sharing, Clicking, Voting, Playing a game, Entering their location, Using a simple tool (ex. budget calculator, etc.), Answering a question, Making a selection, Searching & Commenting.

Through these actions, they learn about your company and what you do. Use the information gathered from these interactions. Create a more meaningful user experience for the visitor.

interactive website

Benefits of Interactive Web Design

  • User experience feedback are easily be captured.
  • It guides users and visitors on the site to their desired location of information.
  • It allows visitors and users to customize their user experiences through the submission of personal choice data.
  • It enhances and compliments business functions of companies, schools and other institutions through user-friendly help content management.
  • It saves time and money as it enables visitors or users access to information even when the company’s live chat or emails are not manned at certain times of the day.
  • Customer and client retention are highest on websites that use some forms of interactive web designs. Cases of unfinished transactions are also in the barest minimum.
  • It enables the website owner to expand their reach more than they would have been able to without any form of interactivity with the visitors through the use of Social Media and blogs.

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